Effective tax planning that can significantly benefit your financial wealth and bottom line.

Personal Income Tax

Tax planning and financial planning are closely linked because reducing taxes is critically important to your overall financial success.

◊ Get tax saving strategies to maximize your after-tax income

◊ Claim all deductions and credits

◊ Simple, easy, accurate filing

◊ Get your refund fast


Tax Planning for Special Circumstances

◊ Sale of Stock

◊ Rental Properties

◊ Roth IRA Conversions

◊ Medical Expenses

◊ Divorce / Death


Audit Assistance

An IRS audit will slow your business to a crawl. Audit Assistance will help with IRS forms including Schedules A, C and E by explaining claim requirements and available options. Assistance with communications with the IRS is also provided during an audit.

Business Income Tax

Avoid IRS red flags by paying business taxes on time.

◊ Startup Cost Deductions

◊ Sales Tax / Quarterly Estimated Tax

◊ Self-employment Tax

◊ Depreciation

◊ Business Deductions


Tax Planning Related to Workers

Adding employees and independent contractors will increase the complexity of managing your books. Track hours, wages, withholdings, taxes, health care benefits and other benefits.

◊ Payroll Tax Administration

◊ Family Employees

◊ Retirement Plans

◊ Fringe Benefits