Elevate your business financially to the next level with a suite of services tailored to the needs of small businesses and startups.

Strategic Planning and Multi-year Budgeting

For startups, strategic planning involves budgeting and financing the launch of your business. We work with entrepreneurs to deploy a “Lean Startup” approach so that ideas are validated and startup costs kept low.

For established business owners, we work with you to set or refine your financial plan and facilitate a SWOT analysis to identify blindspots and breakthroughs.


Raising Capital & Funding

It is critical to understand the terms of the financing and how it fits with your strategic and financial goals. Explore the range of options to raise capital or fund an expansion. Understand the possibilities and limitations of self-funding and internal capital generation. Evaluate the cost of SBA or traditional bank lending. For high-growth businesses, consider angel and venture capital opportunities.

Bookkeeping & Payroll

Drive performance, profitability, and growth with greater visibility into your books and records. Conversion and setup optimization for Quickbooks and Xero. Support for cash and accrual basis accounting. Pricing based on the number of transactions, accounts, bills processed, and invoices entered. No upfront fees.

Return on Investment Analysis

Our ROI Growth Lab helps you measure the value of your portfolio of projects. Make smarter investment decisions for your company without consuming time or stress. The Lab helps you add up all the probable costs for an investment, estimate the cash flow based returns, factor in the time value of money, and estimate projected returns over the investment’s life.

Financial KPIs and Reporting

Identify the key financial metrics for your business and build a reporting dashboard to measure performance. We help you build the financial dashboards every business owner should have to measure cash flow and funding, sales & marketing, customer service, employees & operations, and the overall business performance.

Other Business Advisory

We have your back when it comes to the many financial decisions that small business owners make every day.

  • Business Insurance
  • Benefits Planning
  • Business Valuation