About Main Street

Main Street Associates provides financial planning and CFO-style strategy services by CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals to small business owners and entrepreneurs. We simplify small business finance and make it accessible so that you can focus on growing your business. Typical clients include:



Freelancers, Independent Contractors, Consultants


Network Marketers and Direct Sellers


e-Commerce Business Owners

Online Retailers, Digital Goods Marketers, Online Service Providers


Professional and Business Services Providers

Coaches, Realtors, Architects, Contractors


Franchisors and Franchisees

Business-to-Business, Retail


Specialty Businesses

Wedding Planners, Caterers, Interior Designers, Photographers

We love small business entrepreneurs and their families because after all – we are a small business too. Our small business focus gives us special insights into your challenges and needs, especially when the business provides primary income for your family.

We believe that everyone, regardless of their net worth, deserves unbiased custom financial advice that fits with your specific goals and dreams. Our approach uses an integrated planning model to support business owners and their families as you make important business and life decisions.

So if you find the idea of budgeting, taxes, and bookkeeping a distraction and has your head spinning, leverage the expertise of a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional to bring it all together and take the guesswork out of growing your business.

Working With Main Street

  • Discovery Session

    Meet you, meet us, and understand Main Street’s planning approach, our services and engagement standards.

  • Client Service Calendar

    Explore the process of financial planning in the context of your time-based priorities.

  • Fast Start

    Initial meetings to complete the client onboarding process, set up the client portal, collect quick wins and take the first steps together to design a detailed, actionable financial plan for your family and/or your business.

  • Ongoing Momentum Sessions

    Financial planning is an ongoing, collaborative process to determine the best courses of action. These sessions include a check-in on progress, review goals and metrics. Certain payroll and bookkeeping clients may require a greater meeting frequency.

  • Go-To-Advisor

    On-demand booking access for clients to schedule time with Main Street. Clients are encouraged to use this when the unexpected financial life events happen.

  • null

    An Extraordinary Experience

    Where clients have confidence and greater certainty about their financial future.

Virtual Main Street

We are happy to meet you in person at our New York office…

… or visit your home/office in the New York City Tri-state area.

However, we have embraced the reality that virtual advisor meetings are a win-win for our clients and for us:

  • Virtual advising allows Main Street to service small business owners and entrepreneurs located throughout the United States without constraints of location.
  • Virtual advising allows us to keep costs down, channel savings into client service-related investments, and keep fees low.
  • For our clients, it creates flexibility to meet at convenient times (including evenings) without the need to travel. There is no need to take off from work, deal with traffic, parking or babysitters.

Virtual Main Street meetings are high quality and professional, and highly collaborative with screen sharing and whiteboarding.

We are happy to work with your team of professionals and can provide recommendations from our network who can help with things such as credit repair, mortgages, advanced estate planning, legal services.

With your consent, we may invite a professional from our network to help in special situations.

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